Our Services

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Manage foreign exchange risk effectively with Bookmygst’s expert and tailored service.

Bookmygst provides real-time information to analyse risk, value positions and publish the required reports.

The solution is supported by Bookmygst’s expert advisory services which would help you to manage risk and decision-making as per your specific requirements and guidelines.

Services Offering by BookmyGST Experts
  • Analyse your foreign exchange risk management
  • Propose financial strategies in sync with your internal management policies
  • Provide alerts on FX rate movements and the agreed intervention levels
Hedge management
  • Position overview by currency, risk and maturity
  • Comprehensive information related to each traded transaction
  • Hedging schedules
Exposure management
  • Management of each forecast and realised risk: date, currency, associated hedge
  • Comprehensive exposure management: risk type, currency, period and custom properties


  • Consolidate all the information related to your position to optimally hedge foreign exchange exposures
  • Make decisions with real-time market data to get the best deal while making your foreign exchange transactions
  • Secure marketing margins
  • Optimise cash-flow estimates
  • Avoid speculations regarding exchange rate trends

With our pool of Chartered Accountants and Foreign exchange analysts, Bookmygst provides foreign exchange risk management services to companies across sectors like IT/ITES/ Manufacturing etc.